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Note: The downloads here are all the latest version.

version 1.6.3 win32, size 188 kB

version 1.6.3 linux, size 363 kB

version 1.6.3 source code, size 233 kB

please report any problems/possible bugs you find.

If you need an older version (should only be needed if the latest breaks something) manually enter url with version, for example

beware irc services with BWorld and Auth service

old version 0.7.08, size 265 kb

old services has nickserv, chanserv, memoserv, operserv.

old Services, version 1.1.19 142 kb

old Services, source code (GPL) 142 kb

old Services, version 1.2.1 win32 80 kb

old Services, version 1.2.1 linux 148 kb

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