services which can run on windows, which can be used with beware ircd

If you have not done so yet, read the "services" section on the manual page, to understand what services are, and for configuration common to all irc services.

beware irc services (Bworld and Auth)

BWorld features:
* undernet UWorld lookalike
* maintains G-lines
* send raw commands using "quote" command
* can sit in channels to keep them open
* Clone limit G-lines with exception list
* no longer restart of everything needed to change config
* you can change almost all settings, oper accounts, etc, on the fly, using commands
* runs invisible and can run as NT service, like beware ircd
* the limits which were in the old code are gone (infinite channels, users, etc)

Auth service:
this allows one to register their own account, using optional email verification (get random password emailed), like Q on quakenet. A is ircu2.10.11 ACCOUNT compatible, so logged in users have the "is logged in" line in the whois reply, can have an account name hidden host like on undernet/quakenet, and can use the Lightweight service.


beware irc "old" services

nickserv, chanserv, memoserv, operserv

These services are no longer actively maintained, they wont have extra features etc, but i can still fix bugs, security flaws etc


i use the "NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ, and OperServ" style because that is common

implemented in this services:
* Clone warning (wallops) and clone kill.

* This services currently has a limit of 30k (30,000) users, 30k registered nicks, 10k channels, and 10k registered channels. I'll once fix this by using better code.

* The nicks of the services "clients" can be changed in the configuration, so you can do things like "NiCK" instead of "NickServ" if you want.

* 2 access levels: Services operator access. there should be only a few of them - theyre extremely powerful. they are configured in the services. a user gains access by opering, and nickserv-identifying. A services operator has unlimited (admin) access to chanserv, can send raw commands, hack channel modes, and set G-lines.
IRC operator access: gain access by opering. has a little more power than a normal user, and can see full list of channels/users. Also ircops arent forced to /identify if they use a registered nick.

Before you use the services, edit bircserv.cfg to configure it.

for help on the service's commands, start the services and use commands like "/msg nickserv help". also chanserv, memoserv, and operserv help can be read this way.

Magick IRC services

IRC services with unix and windows (both 9x and NT) versions. can use different protocols to link, including P10 (ircu2.10/beware ircd). The current windows version's performance with P10 is such that it can handle a very small net where you trust all your users to behave nicely.

QuickServ II

This is an irc services program with GUI, which is designed for use with unrealircd but has can also use P10 protocol. it is aimed at small nets. homepage:

serivces hurridly ported from unix

Services which are ported from unix to windows may not be the most user friendly programs. you are required to be able to read documentation, and edit config files in unix text format. also, they usually run in a MS-DOS prompt window. if you don't like that, you can always use commercial, bloated, IRC software instead: everything is click&play and works instantly, but you're limited to 10 users unless you pay.

unix services which are ported to run on windows, can require cygwin. i found srvx needs only cygwin1.dll, lightweight needs 3 dlls: cygwin1.dll, cygpcre.dll, cygz.dll. i made a zip of these files, for the impatient. place them in the windows system dir, or in the same dir as the services program. this is not the official installation, use at your own risk.

DOS/windows text files, the ones you can edit with notepad, have CRLF as line termination, unix text files have LF as line termination. they look wrong in notepad. to edit them in windows, you can try pfe or ultraedit.
This is a converter between unix and dos text files: download


this is the services used on gamesurge. the official homepage of srvx is If you get an error "only extended numerics supported", upgrade to beware ircd 1.4.0 or newer. The version available on the official website is 1.2. note: i didn't see a win32 port available last time i checked. however windows builds are availible at


this is the L bot used on quakenet, it is a channel service which needs another auth (login) service, this is Q on quakenet. There is a cygwin port of L available, and if you run it on windows you'll probably want beware irc services Auth service. Note that the config file must be in unix text format or it doesnt work. On quakenet, L uses a web interface where someone can register their own channel, i dont know how to get that working but an admin can register channels manually on user's

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